what is sequin.io?

Looking for a better way to connect to your CRM data?

Sequin.io allows you to connect to your favorite resources, like Salesforce, Airtable, and Hubspot, using a Postgres database, instead of complex proprietary APIs.

Query API data using SQL: read, write, update & delete
Real-time sync between your API & database
Avoid query params, rate limits & pagination
Debug faster & more effectively
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Query your favorite APIs with SQL using Sequin

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How does Sequin.io work?

Building with Sequin

Powered by a Postgres backend, Sequin provides a real-time database sync via proxy, that allows you to avoid common API issues like rate limits, queries, pagination, background jobs, cache invalidation, and out-of-sync data. Sequin ensures that all mutations are validated with the API first, making it the ultimate source of truth for your data.

SELECT order.id, order.account_id, order.status,
contact.email AS contact_email
FROM salesforce.order order
INNER JOIN salesforce.company company
ON order.account_id = company.id
INNER JOIN salesforce.contact contact
ON company.primary_contact_id = contact.id;

Connect to your API and map your data

Choose your preferred API collections and fields, such as Salesforce Contacts or HubSpot Companies, and easily define how they translate into tables and columns in your Postgres database.

Real-time Sync to Postgres

Sequin ensures your data stays up-to-date with a real-time sync process, pulling information from the API and integrating it to your database.

Query with SQL

Access your API data faster, with high availability, and no rate limits. With Sequin, you can utilize the full power of SQL to read and manipulate your data in Postgres.

Write back to your API

Sequin's Write system avoids complex mutation management and API documentation. Use SQL to update records in real time without the worry of API documentation.

Build custom apps with ease

Build on salesforce with sql

Build Salesforce apps easier & pay for less users

Avoid high Salesforce engineer costs by building custom apps on top of your Salesforce data on Retool instead. Use skills your engineering team already has, like SQL and JavaScript, to build more reliable apps, faster. Save on extra user licenses by giving limited access to sales data. Read our guide to find out more →

How to build powerful sales apps in Retool using Salesforce and Sequin
Internal Tool Guides

How to Build Powerful Sales Apps in Retool: Unleash your Salesforce Data with Sequin

This article will guide you through some solutions to common Salesforce issues. It includes a step-by-step process of how to leverage Retool and Sequin to build a tailored app that enriches Salesforce data with ease.

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Sequin.io for internal tools

Why we recommend Sequin.io for internal tools

As internal tool specialists, we work with hundreds of companies looking to streamline their processes and centralize their resources. A platform like Sequin is a secret weapon for companies to replace complex APIs queries with SQL.

Reduced resource complexity

SQL is used by almost half of developers worldwide. Sequin allows you to manipulate your data using SQL, so you can read, write, create, and also interpret errors just as you normally would with any Postgres connection. What's more, Sequin takes care of all the heavy API maintenance so you don't have to.

Increased scalability

Sequin removes API rate limits, so you can work without restrictions. By using their simple Postgres connection you can also avoid limitations like pagination, background jobs, cache invalidation and out-of-sync data.

Work without specialists

Salesforce-specific products like Lightning, and languages like Apex and SOQL often require trained specialists to develop with them. With Sequin's simple Postgres connection, you can use your in-house skills to avoid relying on platform-specific experts.

Reduce user licences

Once your data is in Postgres, you can extend functionality more easily. Reduce the cost of adding user licenses by building apps externally for teams who don't need direct CRM access.

Better apps for your sales teams

Looking to unlock your data from Salesforce or Hubspot using Sequin?

At Bold Tech, we specialize in building great internal tools, fast. Using platforms like Sequin, we build top-class custom apps on top of your pre-existing CRM data, saving you money on user licenses, and offering more flexibility on functionality.