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We've built 250+ internal tools for companies all over the world, and from all over the market spectrum: from FinTech to EdTech, product departments to operations and customer service, small business to scaling start-ups and enterprise companies, and for non-technical teams to highly technical ones - the list goes on!

Case Studies

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We are proud to share some of our client success stories, as well as our board of happy client testimonials below.

How Red Roots used Retool Mobile to create the perfect on-the-go receipt tracker 

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‘Bilt’ on Retool: A Bold Tech Client Case Study

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50 apps in 50 days: How Blue Valet turbo-charged their migration from Chartio to Retool‍

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Stripe Logo
Bold Tech was an exceptional resource in helping us implement Retool for our organization’s compensation planning process.  Bold Tech was available to troubleshoot and resolve issues at a moment’s notice, which was very comforting during a highly stressful and busy time for our organization.

The Bold Tech team were a pleasure to work with and I sincerely hope I get the opportunity to collaborate with them again in the future!
Elise Kroll
Vial Company Logo
Joey and his team helped Vial build our internal tools. Bold Tech was great to work with and were consistently thoughtful, communicative and had a high quality bar for their work.
Tina Jiang
General Manager
Java Films Logo
Bold Tech did an excellent job helping us build, maintain, and improve our systems for our customers. They were professional, thorough, and dedicated at all times.

I recommend David, Joey, and the team to anyone looking for a partner in helping build their next phase of custom tooling.
George Niedermayer
Head of Operations
Java Films Logo
Joey and the team at BoldTech have been amazing partners to us from the start, helping us turn our proof of concept into paying enterprise contract in a matter of months. They feel like a natural extension of our team, and we have been incredibly impressed by their ability and willingness to dive into a complex domain and be strategic thought partners in solving nuanced workflows and complex data problems.
Julia Cohen
Breef Logo
Bold Tech's expertise and commitment has been instrumental to our growth. With their help, we've been able to build and iterate quickly, navigate complex development challenges, and reshape internal workflows/tools for greater efficiency. Working with Bold Tech has been a game-changer for our organization. They're an indispensable partner, and we highly recommend working with their team!
Alana Adams
Head of Operations
Bold Tech was a critical partner who helped us use Retool to build an MVP application for our data platform. We were impressed with the speed and efficiency in which Boldtech was able to develop a working MVP for us in 1-2 months.

It was integral for us to be able to validate and test with potential customers, would recommend working with them!
Kim Zou
Kim Zou
CEO, Cofounder
Java Films Logo
BoldTech understood more about our processes in the first week than contractors we've worked with for years. The end result was even better than what we asked for because they made the effort to really understand our needs from the start.

Thanks to BoldTech, our processes are running smoothly and more efficiently than ever. I recommend them highly
Anne Valentine
Retool Logo
Bold Tech is a group of talented, capable developers who I regularly trust to help our customers build the apps they need, fast. Everyone I've put them in front of has given rave reviews!
Justin Gage
Growth, Founder of Technically
Sounds True One Logo
Bold Tech has been an absolute pleasure to work with! They've provided a lasting impact on our organization by building out our Retool portal in a way that allows us to optimize how we track, communicate and launch our clients. Their attention to detail and rapid ability to implement all of our product requests was unmatched. I highly recommend the Bold Tech team for all things related to Retool!!
Corbett Barr
Head of Product and technology
Stackboost Logo
Coming from a bootstrapped technical founder, working with Stephan and Bold Tech has been a dream.  They have an incredible ability to execute on my requirements; their expertise in the platform and speed is second to none.

Additionally, I was pleasantly surprised at their ability to understand my business logic as well as be able to strategize and experiment with me collaboratively. Often, I am building apps that push the boundaries of what Retool can do and it’s rare to find people that can keep up with me creatively
Richard Schaeffer
Richard Schaeffer
Technical Founder
Delivery Dudes Logo
Bold Tech is the go to for all Retool work. Save your engineering team the hassle and partner with them, you wont regret it.
Parker Rex
Project Manager
Curbero Logo
Working with Bold Tech to build out our Retool functionality was important for us to keep our internal team focused on our core product roadmap. The Bold team's clear communication, familiarity with Retool, and overall expertise building internal tooling made working with them super easy.
Ajay Pondicherry
CEO cofounder
The team at Bold Tech was a fantastic resource in helping us utilize Retool to visualize our product data and understand engagement.

As we built out our BI function, it was comforting to know Bold Tech was a reliable partner, and I would use them again in the future!
Chris Biggs
Senior Manager of Business Intelligence
Bold Tech is an exceptional company that excels in development, and Stefan, in particular, is a remarkable developer. Working with Stefan has been an absolute pleasure due to his exceptional skills and the ease of collaboration.

He effortlessly translates complex requirements into intuitive and efficient solutions, saving us valuable time and resources.  Bold Tech's expertise in leveraging Retool's capabilities combined with his dedication to delivering high-quality results make him an invaluable asset to our development team.
Scott Nursten
Senior Manager of Business Intelligence
Stefan and the Bold Tech team help our teams build high quality internal tools, extremely quickly. The tools are highly functional, well-designed, and built with the end-users of support agents and other operators in mind.

They've helped Ramp ship quickly & continuously iterate, all while minimizing operational disruption. It’s a terrific partnershipElise Kroll Stripe Compensation Team Testimonial
Thomas Haversang
Senior Product Manager
TV AdSync Logo
Bold Tech were the right fit for TVadSync to accelerate our use of Retool platform. We had both user experience design needs as well as back end data design needs that were quickly resolved by the team. We will be using them for all Retool app development moving forward. Highly recommended.
Ronan Higgins
Bilt Card Logo
Joey has been an absolute pleasure to work with! He’s provided a lasting impact on our organization by building out our Retool portal in a way that allows us to optimize how we track, communicate and launch our clients.

His attention to detail and rapid ability to implement all of our product requests was unmatched. I highly recommend the Bold Tech team for all things related to Retool!!
JP Morales
Strategic Development
Java Films Logo
Joey and the Bold Tech team have been an invaluable help for us this past year. Quick, efficient, straightforward and a real pleasure to work with, I can not recommend them highly enough!
Kathryn Bonnici
Go Bike Go company logo
Bold Tech is a resource we plan to use for many years to come. From design to refinement to implementation, the process and people at Bold Tech have been top notch. Our custom tool set will end up saving us countless hours and frustration. We call that a win!

We look forward to having more seemingly impossible tasks to find easy (and beautiful) solutions built for us with Bold Tech.
Scott Taylor
Chief Product Officer