Rental Calculator: Track Investment Property Data

Adam Artizada
August 31, 2022

Is your property a smart investment? Looking to compare different properties to buy for  investments and need a place to compare property, location, and financial data? In this rental property admin dashboard, track all your investment properties and prospective buys, and compare and track data. 

Easily forecast your rental property ROI. This app is built on Google Sheets, but can be connected to any database such as PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and more. 

No need to adapt your processes to SaaS products that don’t fit your needs, with Retool you can build a custom app in days and weeks, not months. At Bold Tech, we can build your app even faster. Are you interested in this template? Or looking for something similar and want to know if we can help build it? Get in touch for a quote today.

Google Sheets
Google Sheets
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Bold Tech was an exceptional resource in helping us implement Retool for our organization’s compensation planning process.  Bold Tech was available to troubleshoot and resolve issues at a moment’s notice, which was very comforting during a highly stressful and busy time for our organization. The Bold Tech team were a pleasure to work with and I sincerely hope I get the opportunity to collaborate with them again in the future!

Elise Kroll Stripe Compensation Team Testimonial

Elise Kroll

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Bold Tech is a group of talented, capable developers who I regularly trust to help our customers build the apps they need, fast. Everyone I've put them in front of has given rave reviews!

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Justin Gage

Growth, Founder of Technically
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Joey has been an absolute pleasure to work with! He’s provided a lasting impact on our organization by building out our Retool portal in a way that allows us to optimize how we track, communicate and launch our clients. His attention to detail and rapid ability to implement all of our product requests was unmatched. I highly recommend the Bold Tech team for all things related to Retool!!

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JP Morales

Strategic Development
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Joey and his team helped Vial build our internal tools. Bold Tech was great to work with and were consistently thoughtful, communicative and had a high quality bar for their work.

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Tina Jiang

General Manager
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Bold Tech were the right fit for TVadSync to accelerate our use of Retool platform. We had both user experience design needs as well as back end data design needs that were quickly resolved by the team. We will be using them for all Retool app development moving forward. Highly recommended.

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Ronan Higgins

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Joey and the Bold Tech team have been an invaluable help for us this past year. Quick, efficient, straightforward and a real pleasure to work with, I can not recommend them highly enough!

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Kathryn Bonnici

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Bold Tech is the go to for all Retool work. Save your engineering team the hassle and partner with them, you wont regret it.

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Parker Rex

Project Manager