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Customer support tool for PostgreSQL, customizable to your data, built on Retool. See and manage customer details and order information in one custom admin panel. Customer service software for small businesses and startups.

An app to manage your inventory

Manage your PostgreSQL store inventory in one single, customizable dashboard, built on Retool. Custom admin panel to manage your store inventory or other PosgreSQL datasets.

A MongoDB Admin Panel

Example MongoDB frontend to manage your data with a user-friendly interface. This MongoDB GUI allows you to track account data but can be customized to your exact needs.

A Postgres Admin Dashboard

Custom admin GUI for business management: track orders, customers, and products in one admin dashboard. Read and write data to PostgreSQL, MySQL, and more.

The Rental Property Calculator is designed to give you the best overview of a Real Estate properties and the metrics that contribute to your smart investment decisions.

Easily forecast your rental property ROI and compare different owned or prospective rental properties.