The Case for Retool & Traditional Small Businesses

Joey Karczewski
June 11, 2021

Traditional small- to medium-sized companies face an increasingly saturated market of software products, aimed to improve their business and internal processes, but they often lack guidance on choosing the most profitable and pertinent ones. With tech-oriented companies greatly outpacing their traditional, less tech-savvy counterparts, the pressure is on to adopt these new software solutions, or die at the hands of an increasingly complex digital world. The common penny-wise pound-foolish approach of tech adoption often sees smaller companies choosing inappropriate tech solutions, which leads to complicated processes and additional cost. These processes can slow productivity, stilt workflows and leave employees hired for their creative prowess instead spending their time formatting Google Sheets, or navigating a poorly-constructed technological labyrinth to retrieve just a single nugget of information.

Perhaps you’re lucky to be a part of the few small- to medium-sized businesses who can afford a dedicated IT team to help navigate this abyss, by finding these internal tools and solutions and testing them out for you. However, without first-person knowledge of the problem at hand, the IT team and the end user play a frustrating game of telephone - going back and forth in an effort to figure out exactly what needs to get built to solve the problem. This is extremely inefficient, and often results in an internal tool with a UI that isn’t a proper fit for the non-technical employee. Not to mention, extremely expensive and reserved for the few companies who have excess capital to pay for it. This is where Low-Code and No-Code environments like Retool are beginning to make their mark. 

When the person who feels the pain is also the one empowered to be a part in building the solution, unique and extraordinarily powerful tools (and ultimately successful companies) are the result. Building an app on Retool is more accessible, cost effective, transparent and quick compared to its other software solution counterparts - ultimately beginning to level the playing field between non-technical businesses and their tech-focused opposition. Retool’s drag & drop interface, almost similar to that of Squarespace, allows developers to intuitively drag a familiar looking component from a list and drop it into position on a blank canvas. This intuition is not reserved solely for the software-minded: end users can understand the interface they interact with, and suggest quickly actionable changes to personalize their app. 

Admin dashboards are an indispensable part of any business seeking to understand their analytics, but an uncustomizable UI leaves cluttered components and unnecessary elements in the way. Where connecting APIs, PostGRES, SQL or GraphQL databases to a useful frontend used to take hours of complicated coding, now developers can quickly connect elements designed perfectly for their clients wishes, and change them accordingly too. 

To enable this collaboration, Retool also provides users with a custom URL & password, so that end-users can watch developers progress as they create the app - further removing the gap between developer and user. Instead of paying a heavy monthly fee for several rigid software products, low-code tools empower companies to be involved in creating their own, tailor-made tool based on their own needs. 

If you don’t have a Retool-trained team on-hand to provide the development, Bold Tech can help. At any point in the process, Bold Tech offers consultation and development services to take your app to the finishing line. Our team of Retool experts ensures that your app is not only customized perfectly to your needs, in terms of its backend and its unique UI, but also that it works as efficiently as possible, avoiding any unnecessary obstacles to keep your app clean and effective. Have any questions about how Retool could work for your company? Get in touch! One of our developers would be glad to discuss with you.