Meet the team

Bold Tech has been around since May of 2020 and is an internal tools company with clients all over the globe, and the only company that specializes in Retool.

Retool allows its users to create rapid internal applications to fast-track their critical business processes, and we can build these apps even faster.

Joey Karczewski

Joey is one of the first in the Retool Developers Network and is one of the leading app developers as recommended by Retool. In his spare time he enjoys hiking up the local mountains, podcasts, reading & sharing his love for tech with those willing (or unwilling) to listen.

Sophie Becker

Sophie is in charge of tutorials and blogs at Bold Tech. She's a keen traveler, multilinguist, and nature lover who spends most of her time outdoors. In her spare time, she can be found cooking intricate new recipes, hiking, painting and running a diverse film criticism publication.

David Daugherty

David has been building internal tools with Retool since the summer of 2020. Previously, he worked as a business intelligence analyst for hospital networks in the Midwest of the United States. In his free time, David plays soccer for a 5th division La Liga team, goes surfing, and listens to podcasts.

Kelly Plathe

Kelly finished her PhD in Environmental Geochemistry, and later worked in research labs in Austria and Switzerland. She now owns part of a community-centered business in Graz, Austria where she does web design.

Adam Artizada

Adam has worked as a 3rd Level supporter, Project Manager and QA technician for different companies in Asia and Europe which gives him a huge overview of software and the databases that drives them.

Paul van Geldrop

Paul has been working in IT since '99, doing everything from IT support to technical infrastructure specialist and (project)management. He's also a certified Microsoft Azure administrator and architect. In his spare time, he studies orchestral composing, does voice acting work, and loves gaming.